• Paula Pietrnera

    The universe in one fold.

    I express beauty in my art the way I discover it around me in everyday life: Simple, harmonious and deeply rooted in the spirit. Soul and body as one, paper folding and ink painting will capture this expression in the organic simplicity of its folds and brushstrokes.

  • sello rojo

    The practice of the brush.

    If through my art you also discover the harmony in the movement of a tree leaf gently caressed by the wind, the beauty of a shadow casted on the sidewalk by a city lamp, or the subtle roughness to the touch of an old book you are about to read, you and I have connected in the mystery of the essential.

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  • magic ball

    No separation.

    One fold, one stoke. The emptiness that contains them in deep harmony. I live my art as creating an expression where there is no separation between the viewer and the object, where the observer is in intimate closeness with what is being contemplated.
    When there is no separation, through art you can relate with one’s own inner beauty and harmony and in that connection realize the beauty and harmony in everything else.