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Paula Pietranera

Paula Pietranera

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paula graduated as an Architect and later specialized in Historical Building Conservation and Restoration. She began studying art with Juan Fontana in 1999 and in 2004 her art was exhibited in the Buenos Aires “Centro Cultural Recoleta”.
Her inclination towards Oriental Arts, which she feels “touches the core of the viewer”, led her to study Sumié, Origami and Calligraphy in Argentina Japan and USA. Her creations have been exhibited Buenos Aires and USA . She continues her studies with Michael Hofmann in California, USA, and Japanese calligraphy with Yoko Nishina in Kyoto, Japan.
Paula currently lives as a resident Zen student in the San Francisco Zen Center, where she is also curator for the Center’s art exhibitions and gallery.

Recent Exhibitions


August 2019
San Francisco Zen Center
solo exhibition

“Connection in Emptiness”

March 2020
Japan Information and Cultural Center.
Consulate- General of Japan in San Francisco.
solo exhibition

Coming soon…

Dawn, Day, Dusk and Midnight series.
A full day in an interconnected life.
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